Shown below is the list of all applied teams for the 2019 CRL Premier League Season tournament for the age group.


Boys U18/2002 12 - Final Acceptance Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
AVSC STORM ACADEMY B02 0547-01CB02-2527 Apple Valley Soccer Club Apple Valley Paul Casarez Final Acceptance    
Boca Jrs LA B02 Premier 0460-03CB02-3119 Boca Juniors Downey Daniel Greco Final Acceptance    
Boca OC B2002 White 0302-11CB02-0278 BOCA OC Orange Edwin Soto Final Acceptance    
GPS Desert Cities - Coachella B2002 0554-01CB02-2125 Desert United Soccer Club Palm Desert Alberto Martinez Final Acceptance    
LA Galaxy OC - B2002 Premier 0315-33CB02-1660 LA Galaxy Orange County Rancho Santa Margarita Bryan Wallace Final Acceptance    
Laguna United FC-B2002-Blue 0368-04CB02-0018 Laguna United FC Laguna Niguel Samuel Nicholson Final Acceptance    
Oceanside Breakers - B02 Blk SYL 0204-01CB02-9123 Oceanside Breakers Fallbrook Jorge Rojas Final Acceptance    
Oxnard United Soccer Club 0750-01CB02-0108 Oxnard United Soccer Club - 01 Oxnard United Alfredo Hernandez Final Acceptance    
Oxnard Wave SC 0701-01CB02-3178 Oxnard Wave SC Oxnard Luis Rodriguez Final Acceptance    
Riverside City FC - B2002 Academy 0513-01CB02-9684 Riverside City FC - 01 Riverside Kevin Watson Final Acceptance    
Santa Barbara S.C. B2002Elite 0710-01CB02-1198 Santa Barbara S.C. 0710 - 01 Santa Barbara Goffin Boyoko Final Acceptance    
SD United B2002 Black 0130-30CB02-0024 San Diego United FC San Diego Kyle Hewitt Final Acceptance    
12 Final Acceptance Teams

Boys U18/2002 2 - Rejected Teams
Team Name Team ID Club City Coach Appl. Status    
CSC B2002 Academy 0118-01CB02-1103 Crusaders Soccer Club SD 0118 San Diego Thomas Stretton Rejected    
Real So Cal-SCV B 2002 W 0431-01CB02-0558 Real So Cal-SCV Palmdale Guillermo Castro Rejected    
2 Rejected Teams